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The Prince of Peace Association, Haifa, Israel

The Prince of Peace Association was founded in May 2016. During many years we have prayed for the needs of Arab Congregations. Step by step God has helped us to start different activities to meet those needs in two ways: The first way is preaching and teaching the Word of God in the Bread of Life Congregation, by arranging seminars for refugees in Finland and by preparing radio programs. The second way is building unity and working together with other Arabic speaking congregations to serve the needs of our children, youth and families.

Preaching and Teaching               

The Bread of Life Congregation

Soon after Elias started to follow Jesus, many members of his family came to faith. On Saturdays the family used to gather to enjoy delicious meals prepared by the grandmother and began to study the Bible together. In spring 2016, Elias was ordained as a pastor and the Bread of Life Congregation started having Sunday services in the prayer room of Beit Eliyahu Congregation. During Covid-19 related lockdown, Elias has sent his recorded sermons weekly by internet. In 2015, Elias started to receive words and melodies for Christian songs. His brother gathered the sisters to sing together and the Bread of Life Singing Group was born. They have produced two CDs: Hear O World and Enter to the Depth. The third CD is on the way. You can listen to CDs in the Songs section and to the Bible teachings in the Sermons section.

Work among refugees in Finland

While visiting congregations in Finland every other year, Elias was asked to hold Bible studies for refugees. In August 2020, was the second summer in a row that discipleship seminars for Arabic refugees of Finland,  were arranged in different parts of the country. Among the refugees that follow Jesus, there is a great need for discipleship training in their mother tongue with the mindset of their cultural framework. The feedback has been so encouraging that we want to have these seminars in cooperation with FLOM every year, and to expand this work to reach more people. In January 2020, Radio Patmos asked Elias to send them his Arabic sermons. In May weekly Arabic radio programs began on Tuesdays at 02:00 and 04:00, and since September also on Sundays at 21:30 as well.

Building Unity              The Bible Club and Trips

After many years of prayers the work among children started in autumn 2016. The multi-congregational Bible Club has met weekly on Friday afternoons. The committed and faithful leadership team has gathered weekly for prayer and to plan the Bible club meetings. Since March 2020, we were not allowed to gather together due to the Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns. This autumn, we started the Bible club meetings in Zoom. In the close future, we want to start a preteen group to prepare our older children to join the multi-congregational youth group which started its successful (Zoom)meetings in February 2020. The families of the Bible club kids have enjoyed trips about four times a year. Besides delicious meals, we have enjoyed games, nature tours, and reviews of lessons. During the holidays the children have prepared a nice program for their families.

Women’s meetings and inter-congregational  activities 

In autumn 2018 we met with the leaders of the Good Shepherd’s Congregation from Nazareth. They started to visit our meetings, and we were invited to their services. We had also trips, women’s meetings and conferences together. These meetings encouraged us to start women’s meetings also in Haifa. In May 2019, the Sisters of Haifa Team was founded. Representatives from different Arab Congregations started to gather together every three weeks for prayer and to make plans for women’s meetings.  Before lockdown we had two meetings, where around forty women gathered together to learn about unity an rebuilding. Feedback was encouraging. During Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns we have not been able to meet, but we are in contact with each other.

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